Father's Day Card Tutorial


*SUPPLIES: Two pieces of construction/colored paper, scissors, pencils and markers, tape/glue/stapler, plain paper.
 Step 1: Cut two horizontal lines at the top of BOTH of your construction paper pieces. I usually cut them at the same time so that they are the same size. 

 Step 2: Glue/tape/staple your writing paper (I used lined paper from a writing pad) to your back piece of paper.
 Step 3: After the pieces are cut, fold them over (I actually used some glue to make sure the two pieces stayed together), and tape the ends down to form the collar of the shirt!

 Step 4: draw out a tie shape on your plain piece of paper and cut out to put under the collar. 

 Step 5: Decorate your tie before you glue it down. You can also add other fun things like pockets and flowers or even a folded tissue stuck under the pocket for a hankie !

 Step 6: Write in your message on the inside.  **I actually found it easier to write BEFORE you glue it down inside of the card. oops! Live and learn! ;) 
 Hannah's finished project! Good job Hannah! 
Your Daddy will love it!