Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing Stephanie and Heather

Is there a better way to start a business than doing something fun, that you LOVE, and with your BESTIE?!

Stephanie and Heather
And yes, we are cheesy! :)
Together we are "Poppies Garden" 

The name of our boutique is "Poppies Garden". This stems from Heather's grandfather's nickname. They all call him "Poppie". He was also very good friends with my grandfather. They are two men we sincerely look up to and respect. My grandaddy is now with God, but I can honor him this way along with Heather's grandfather. Our design is centered around the "Poppy" flower, but Poppie and my grandfather very much like(d) to garden. Poppie has a garden every year that is quite beautiful (and delish I may add! ;) ) So, there's the story of POPPIES GARDEN!

Check our page on this blog about how to order. We have a few samples here on the blog, but we take custom orders from you! You pick your colors/styles and we make it! Please allow ample time for our handmade items to get made and to your door. We appreciate our customers!

If you are on facebook, don't forget to follow us by clicking here: Poppies Garden on Facebook. If you are looking for the most creative and fun things for your kids or for a gift, Poppies Garden is the place for you!

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